French word of the day: Emberlificoter

French word of the day: Emberlificoter
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
It sounds charming but beware of getting ensnared, either literally or metaphorically.

Why do I need to know emberlificoter?

Because it's a nice and rare word to describe getting tangled in something or in a situation. 

What does it mean

It means to get tangled up in something – like in a rope for example – or in a situation – like in a dispute for instance. 

But it also means to embarrass someone or to get that person to agree with you, by seducing him/her with words or promises.

Use it like this


Regarde ! Le chaton s’est encore emberlificoter dans la ficelle! – Look ! The kitten got tangled-up in the string again !

Il t’a emberlificoté avec ses histoires – He bamboozled and ensnared you with his stories.


Embobiner – to deceive, trick

Emmêler – to tangle

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