French expression of the day: Changer de cap

French expression of the day: Changer de cap
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
This expression explains what French President Emmanuel Macron could be planning for his country in the next couple of months.

Why do I need to know changer de cap?

Because the term explains well what is happening in France right now.

What does it mean?

Changer de cap means 'to change course', both literally and figuratively. 

It's a term used by some French analysts to describe what's happening in France right now, as Edouard Philippe has stepped down from his post as prime minister.

One analyst told us:

Historiquement, changer le gouvernement est le meilleur moyen de changer de cap. – 'Changing the government is the best way historically to show that you want to change political course.'

Basically, it means Macron is redirecting the focus for the final part of his presidency, after the coronavirus health crisis turned things pretty much on their heads.

Use it like this

You may use changer de cap about physically changing course or any kind big shift, be it political, societal or personal.

Le bateau a dû changer de cap pour éviter la tempête – The boat had to change direction to avoid the storm.

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