French word of the Day: Potins

French word of the Day: Potins
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As lockdown lifts and we meet up with friends and colleagues again, many people will be asking for this.

Why do I need to know les potins?

Because it's highly likely that people will be swapping it over the next few weeks.

What does it mean?

It means the gossip, the latest news, all that has been happening and it's particularly apt right now as office colleagues, friends and family begin to meet up again after long separations during the lockdown.

So it's highly likely that people will be asking you

C'est quoi les derniers potins? – What's the latest gossip/what's been going on?

Or someone might tell you

J'ai entendu de très bons potins sur un certain homme politique français pendant le confinement – I heard some really good gossip about a certain French politician during lockdown.

Generally, les potins is a nice word for gossip, it means gossip in the sense of a good chat or a good catch up.

Les voici : les infos, les potins… ce qui compte vraiment, quoi! – Here they are: news, gossip… what really matters!

You might also hear about les potins des stars – celebrity gossip.

The word les ragots also means the gossip, but is generally used in a more disapproving sense, for example if someone is spreading malicious rumours.

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