The health rules for going to the cinema in France

The health rules for going to the cinema in France
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The French prime minister has urged people to go to the cinema to support France's battered entertainment industry, but what rules are in place if you do go?

Over the summer, many places put on open air cinema screenings which proved very popular, but as the summer draws to a close people who want to see films on the big screen will have to return to cinemas.

This is something prime minister Jean Castex is keen to encourage, but with strict health protocols in place.


National rules on mask-wearing mean that masks have to be worn at the theatre and cinema, and the Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français has put together a guide for cinema owners on health measures.

They suggest;

  • 1m distance between customers. The guide says that groups who go to the cinema together can sit next to each other, but there must be at least one free seat between each customer or group of customers
  • 50 percent room occupancy – only half the usual number of tickets for each screening can be sold
  • 1m distance in queues. Cinema owners are advised to take measures to avoid queuing but to put markers in place so that any queues that do form remain distanced
  • Stagger screening times to ensure that two films don't end at the same time, leading to large numbers of people exiting at the same time
  • Masks should be worn. Initially the rule said only that masks should be worn in communal areas but could be removed once customers are seated, however this has now been tightened and masks should be worn throughout the film or play.
  • Hand gel provided for customers
  • All areas accessed by the public should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day
  • Doors to screening rooms to remain open as much as possible to ensure ventilation.


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