French word of the day: Mecspliquer

French word of the day: Mecspliquer
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You won't find this one in a French textbook, but feel free to explain it to people.

Why do I need to know mecspliquer?

Because it's so much cooler than just saying le mansplaining with a French accent.

What does it mean?

Mecspliquer is a fusion of two words, mec (guy) and expliquer (explain).

Like its English equivalent 'mansplaining', mecspliquer refers to the tendency of some men to explain things, often to women, in a superior manner. 


Unlike its English sister expression, mecspliquer is also a homonym, which means that it sounds exactly like the more formal French m'expliquer (explain to me).

Mecspliquer means explaining something in a patronising, condescending or paternalistic way. Sometimes a mecsplication (mansplanation) is about a topic of which the man in question has little or no real knowledge.

Use it like this

Arrête de mecspliquer, mec. – Stop mansplaining, dude.

J'en ai marre de tous ces types qui mecspliquent tout le temps. – I'm sick of all these guys who mansplain all the time.

Tu ne trouves pas que je mecsplique, j'espère ? Bah, si tu dois poser la question.. – You don't think I'm mansplaining, do you? Well, if you have to ask..



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