French expression of the day: Comme un lundi

French expression of the day: Comme un lundi
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In France, feeling like the weekend is very far away has a proper expression.

Why do I need to know comme un lundi?

Because sometimes Mondays are rough.

What does it mean?

Comme un lundi means 'like a Monday'.

When used as a response to ça va (how are you?), comme un lundi implicates that you're feeling a little blue that the weekend is over, and that you're longing for the next one.

If you've stayed in France for a while, you will have noticed that when someone asks you ça va ?, they do not really ask you how you're feeling, it's really a matter of politeness.

As a rule, you answer a ça va with a ça va, et toi ?, which in English means, 'good thanks, and you?'.

But sometimes ça ne va pas (you're not feeling great), and if that day coincides with it being a Monday, you can say comme un lundi, and the other person will understand.

Use it like this

There's really not a lot of different ways to use this expression, it's mainly used instead of ça va?.

Comment ça va aujourd'hui ? Bof, comme un lundi, quoi. – How are we doing today? You know, like a Monday. 

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  1. You really should be more careful with your translations:
    “comme un lundi implicates that you’re feeling a little blue” NO, it implies
    As you should know, the English verb IMPLICATE has connotations of criminality.

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