French expression of the day: Bon pied bon œil

French expression of the day: Bon pied bon œil
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
Here's an expression for the golden oldies.

Why do I need to know bon pied bon œil?

Because it's a great way to compliment a healthy senior in French.

What does it mean?

Literally translated bon pied bon œil means 'good foot good eye'.

But it's really an expression French people use to describe healthy seniors. It's what you in English would call being 'fit as a fiddle' or just 'in very good health'.

If you're over 70 and remain healthy and active, you are blessed with the gift of bon pied bon œil.

Use it like this

Ma grand-mère a toujours été une femme extraordinaire. Elle a 85 ans, mais elle a bon pied bon œil ! – My grandmother has always been an extraordinary woman. She's 85, but she's fit as a fiddle!

Comment va ton grand-père ? Ça va, il ne rajeunit pas mais il a encore bon pied bon œil. – How is your grandfather doing? Alright, he's not getting younger but he's fit and healthy.

Il n'est pas question de le placer en maison de retraite tant qu'il a bon pied bon œil. – It's out of the question to put him in a nursing home, he's still fit as a fiddle.

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