Quiz: Test your knowledge of south west France

Quiz: Test your knowledge of south west France
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Think you know the land of confit de canard, cognac and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world? Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the south west of France.

We love the south west of France and it seems that the tourists agree with us, as thousands flock there every year. So let's test our knowledge of this beautiful area, with its fascinating history.  

To begin with, what exactly is included in southwest France?

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To make things simple, we’ve used the definition from the territorial reform of 2016, which groups the administrative regions of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie, themselves recently created, together as the “Grand Sud-Ouest français”.

That makes the Southwest a sizeable chunk of the Hexagon, which stretches as far north as La Rochelle, past Nîmes in the east, and as far into the interior of the country as Creuse. Within those limits, everything is fair game. Ready?


Test your knowledge of southwest France


The “Grand Sud-Ouest français


What is the most populous city in southwest France?


Which of these regional dialects is not spoken in Southwest France?


The International Comics Festival is held in which southwestern city?


In which département are the famous Lascaux cave paintings located?


Legend has it that this ancient Cathar fortress was once home to the Holy Grail:


What is the least populous department in the Southwest?


Castelnaudary, Carcassonne (pictured above), and Toulouse offer competing versions of this classic southwestern dish:


In which department are average house prices highest?


Which of the following wines is not a variety of Bordeaux?


What is the southwest France's highest peak?


The headquarters of the aerospace manufacturing giant Airbus are located in the suburbs of which southwestern city?


Which of the following cheeses is not produced in the Southwest?


This photo shows which southwestern architectural landmark?


What is Southwest France’s longest river?


These two icons of French architecture – one of which is located in the Southwest – were both restored by which renowned architect?


Which one of these département names and numbers do not match?


Surfing arrived in France thanks to the filming of The Sun Also Rises in which southwestern seaside town?


In the Three Musketeers, D’Artagnan participates in the siege of which historic Protestant stronghold?


The Canal du Midi links which two cities?


Which southwestern rugby union team is the current champion of France?

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