French word of the Day: Jeudredi

French word of the Day: Jeudredi
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
Confused by this one? You're not the only one.

Why do I need to know jeudredi?

Firstly a quick caveat, this is not a word that you will find in the dictionary. But it is a word that's being bandied around quite a lot at the moment.

What does it mean?

It's a mixture of jeudi – Thursday – and vendredi – Friday and it basically means you don't know what day it is.

It's a new construction for the lockdown age, and describes the sense when you have lost track of what day it is, since with most people confined to the house and many not working, one day is pretty much the same as another.

Dois-je ouvrir une bouteille de rosé? Pourquoi pas, c'est jeudredi – Shall I open a bottle of rosé? Why not, it's either Thursday or Friday.


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If you're a Twitter user you might also see jeudredi used as a hashtag to describe typical lockdown behaviour, whether it's having pizza for breakfast or failing to remember how to do simple tasks.


It's probably unlikely to be approved by the French language guardians Academie français but it's rather a handy little construction to describe the general sense of discombobulation that we are all feeling right now.

So happy jeudredi to all The Local's readers.


Member comments

  1. What an abomination of an analysis of that Pickles cartoon! The old man isn’t addled – he’s using the fly spatula because he just doesn’t care and is a cool old man! What jeudrudi?!

  2. unh? Wot? wich cartoon wiere?
    I love the idea of jeudredi. I’ve been retired for years and the only way I know what day it is, is by looking at my ‘stay alive’ pill dispencer. Even so, I do occaisonally have a jeudredi moment when I might be overwhelmed with excitement and forget to take my jeudi pills so that taking them on vendredi have a vague feeling that I’ve slipped back in time or depending on mood, that I’ve been cheated out of a day.

  3. Jeudredi is a great word – easier to pronounce and less laboured than ‘discombobulation’. Is there a verb ? Such as “I am jeudredied” = “I don’t know what day of the week it is”. Makes a change, at any rate.

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