What changes about life in France in February 2020

What changes about life in France in February 2020
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The coldest, grayest month of the new year brings changes in energy prices, but also the day of lovers and a French pancake day. Here's what you need to know.

La Chandeleur

Before we get going on the boring stuff, here's some happy news for this weekend. Sunday is La Chandeleur, the French religious holiday when people eat a lot of crêpes.

Read more about the tradition of La Chandeleur and the slightly peculiar French ways of eating their crêpes that day here.

Livret A 

Livret A is the general French savings account – untaxed and available to all. Starting on February 1st, the interest rate will decrease from 0.75 percent to 0.50 percent, meaning a little less cash for all those using it for their general savings.

Gas prices 

Gas gets cheaper in February, following the pattern of the total 12 percent price drop over the course of 2019.

February’s total decrease of 3.3 percent is larger than January’s of 0.9 percent.

The reduction will be 3.5 percent for households depending on gas for heating, 0.9 percent for those using gas for cooking, and 2 percent for homes ticking both boxes.

Electricity prices 

As predicted last month by French media, electricity prices will increase this year, with an initial hike of 2.4 percent in February for individuals and small businesses. 

For a residential consumer the hike will be €21 on average, according to the Conseil supérieur de l’énergie (CSE).

Valentines Day

February 14th is the international day of lovers. Not sure where to bring your special other? Strasbourg has dedicated 10 full days to transforming into a city for lovers. From February 7th-17th, 'Strasbourg Mon Amour' promises 40 special love-themed events all around the city.

Read more about both this and other visit-worthy events in France this year here.

Paris is a popular city for lovers. Photo: AFP

Code du travail goes online

Good news for everyone who is a bit fatigued with all the French paper-bureaucracy. Starting now you may check anything related to your rights as an employee in France on the newly launched and personalised site

Péages d'autoroutes

France's motorway network operates a toll system where drivers pay at the péages d'autoroutes (toll booths) depending on how far they travel. On February 1st there will be an increase between 1 and 1.5 percent in prices, depending on where you are travelling, the government announced in November.

Taxi prices

Taxi prices in France are fixed by the French state. In February, there will be a small increase of the minimum price of a taxi ride, from €7.10 to €7.30.


Starting February 1st, the European Union will have one less member as the UK formally exits the union on January 31st. 

For UK citizens living in France and other European countries, this is far from the end of it. What happens during the transition period (until December 31st) will be decisive for those intending to leave the UK or stay abroad.

Follow all out Brexit coverage here.



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