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QUIZ: Take the big France quiz of the year 2019

It was a fairly quiet year all round for news in France, but one or two things did happen in 2019 - see how many of them you can remember.

QUIZ: Take the big France quiz of the year 2019
Photo: AFP
From politics to culture to new French words, are you fully abreast of all that went on in 2019? Take our test to find out.


The France 2019 quiz of the year


How well do you remember the big events of 2019?


Many people will remember that the summer was quite warm. But what record-breaking temperature did Paris reach in July?


France went to the polls in May for the European elections, but which party secured the biggest share of the vote?


In an unusual twist, France also elected five 'spare' MPs to the European parliament – why?


The guardians of the French language Academie françcaise has been getting hot under the collar about English used in France including 'spoiler'. What is the academy's preferred replacement?


Which former French president – greatly loved after his term of office, slightly less so when he was actually in power – died in 2019?


France also lost which star of the New Wave cinema scene?


Strikes over proposed pension reform convulsed France in the final few weeks of the year. The government's proposal was far reaching, but one thing it did not touch was the legal retirement age in France. What is that age?


The close of the year marks over a year of weekly 'yellow vest' protests in France, but what was the measure that provided the spark for the movement?


A study into the temperature of French postmen's testicles won the IgNobel international science prize of 2019, but what did the study show?


As Brexit continued to drag on, many Brits considered applying for French nationality. If you are applying for citizenship based on residency, how long must you have lived in France?


After several years of complaints from disgruntled pedestestrians, France in 2019 included electric scooters (trottinettes) in the Highway Code, so which commonly-seen activity is now banned on all French roads?


Continuing a long losing streak for the country, France failed to win Eurovision again in 2019 losing out to Duncan Laurence of the Netherlands (pictured), but who represented France?


France is usually pretty generous with its public holidays, but where do you need to live to get Good Friday as a day off work?


Which tax is in the process of being scrapped in France for everyone apart from high earners and second home owners?


Which Italian-born artist (who also gave his name to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) died in France 500 years ago this year?


What is this design the newly-unveiled official logo of?


2020 is looking like a good year for public holidays in France, with just two falling on weekend days. But what is the French phrase for the practice of adding holiday days to public holidays to create a longer break?


France virgin


You're obviously a beginner, but that's great because it gives you more reason to spend in time in the best country in the world!


France lover


You know the country well, just a few more things to brush up on before the you reach expert level


France native


You're fully local and you can take the results of this test to your citizenship interview, we're almost sure it counts as an official document in France



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