France facts: Sex with a stranger is a legal part of a business trip

France facts: Sex with a stranger is a legal part of a business trip
Photo: AFP
France has a well established reputation as the country for lovers, but our new series exploring the lesser known - and frankly sometimes unbelievable - side of the country looks at one very unusual legal precedent.
For most people business trips are a combination of boredom, desultory power play and unhealthy levels of drinking, but in France there is something else that is legally permitted when you are working away from home – picking up strangers and having sex with them.
The bizarre legal precedent comes from a case in which a Frenchman died while on a business trip. His company claimed that this could not be classed as a workplace accident because when he died he was having sex with someone he had just met.
But after several court cases and a hearing in the Paris Appeals Court, a judge ruled that as sex is a normal everyday activity it can be judged a legitimate of a business trip, and therefore the man was the victim of a workplace accident.
Although it's unlikely that this legal precedent will cut any ice at all with wronged partners if you come home from a 'work' trip sporting some fresh lovebites and lipstick on your collar – don't say we didn't warn you.

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