QUIZ: Can you identify some of the most baffling French road signs?

QUIZ: Can you identify some of the most baffling French road signs?
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As well as the more obvious signs telling you the speed limit and when to give way, France boasts a plethora of more obscure signs - see how many you can identify.

Language barrier aside, there are some French road signs that seem almost designed to be cryptic, as well as the basic Stop sign that should be obvious to everyone, but apparently isn't.

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How well do you know your French road signs?


As well as the more well-known commands, France has some truly bizarre road signage, see how well you do in identifying these common and no-so-common signs.


Let's start with an easy one – what does this sign mean?


On to a more dramatic image, what is this sign warning you of?


When you see this sign, what is coming up?


What does this slightly alarming image mean?


No, it's not trying to hypnotise you – what is this sign actually telling you?


What does this upcoming village have to offer?


What does this somewhat confusing image forbid?


What do these two fairly cryptic signs mean?


Seen as you approach a crossroads, what is this sign telling you?


What is coming up on your right if you see this sign?


What does the 'bis' next to this sign for Clermont Ferrand and Montpellier denote?


What does this sign mean?


What can you not do in this zone?


What does this sign mean?




Get off the roads and take public transport, even French drivers will be judging you




You don't quite get all the signs, but then neither do most local drivers (either that or they ignore them) so you will fit in fine




Congratulations! You are king or queen of the road, bonne route.



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