French expression of the Day: Tant mieux

French expression of the Day: Tant mieux
You may know tant pis, but what about its more positive cousin tant mieux?

Why do I need to know tant mieux?

Sometimes in life there are things you cannot change, but you might still want to express your opinion in a slightly world-weary yet elegant way.

What does it mean?

It's a phrase that is generally translated into English as 'so much the better' or 'all the better' or 'good for you'.

So if you were discussing politics, you might opine Si les parliments nationaux peuvent coopérer au sujet de brexit, tant mieux – If the national parliaments can cooperate on Brexit, so much the better.

Je vais vous expliquer le système tel qu'il est, mais si des améliorations peuvent être apportées, tant mieux – I'm going to explain the system as it is, but if improvements can be made then so much the better.

You can also use it in a more direct way if you're talking to someone.

Tu as négocié un salaire plus élevé? Tant mieux pour toi! You negotiated for a higher salary? Good for you!

It's opposite meaning 'too bad' is tant pis, often translated slightly more bluntly into English as 'tough shit'.

As in  – Vous ne voulez pas remplir les papiers? Tant pis! You don't want to fill out the paperwork? Too bad!

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