ANALYSIS: So just what is going on with the French and a Brexit extension?

ANALYSIS: So just what is going on with the French and a Brexit extension?
Will Emmanuel Macron agree to Boris Johnson's request? Photo: AFP
As the UK asks for (another) Brexit extension and the deadline of October 31st is galloping towards us, it may be the French that are the sticking point.

Speculation is growing that French president Emmanuel Macron – increasingly exasperated by the mess across the Channel – will not agree to another ling extension and will instead insist on a very short extension, possibly just 15 days.

It is now increasingly unlikely that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be able to get his Brexit deal passed in the House of Commons before next Thursday (October 31st), so if the EU refuse a Brexit extension then the UK could end up crashing out with no deal.

All 27 EU member states need to agree to any extension, so what France thinks is important. But will Macron really want to be cast as the bad guy in this whole sorry mess?

Political analyst Mujtaba Rahman, who has previously worked for both the European Commission and the UK's Treasury and is an adjunct professor at Sciences-Po in Paris, the London School of Economics and New York University's Stern Business School, says the situation is finely balanced.

In an incisive thread published on Twitter, he explains why the French position is complicated.






Macron is currently on the French island of Réunion. Photo: AFP













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  1. C’mon, Brits, 3.5 years to act on the Brexit referendum?

    Get the thing done already. I’m tired of hearing about it.

    And no more national referenda if you’re not going abide by them in a timely fashion–if ever.


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