French word of the Day: Se régaler

French word of the Day: Se régaler
If you enjoy enjoying things and then telling people about it, we have the word to help you show your full appreciation.

Why do I need to know se régaler? 

Because sometimes life is great and you want to express that you’ve more than just liked something. 

What does it mean?

The verb se régaler means to treat or enjoy yourself.

Stronger than aimer, se régaler also shows that it was a pleasure. 

If your friend cooked you a lovely bœuf bourguignon, and you really want to compliment the chef, you can say Je me suis regalé – I really enjoyed it.

As with a lot in France, this word is often associated with good food and drink.

But one can also se regaler de other things.

For example: Je me suis régalé du concert  – I really enjoyed the concert

Je me suis régalé du livre  – I loved the book.

As it's a reflexive verb, you need to remember that it's je me, tu te etc and it's followed by de or du

Se régaler can also be an instruction, like when your fromager sends you off with some wonderfully smelly cheese and tells you to Regalez-vous! – Enjoy!

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