Why you might be due a refund from the French taxman

Why you might be due a refund from the French taxman
A total of 6.3 million people in France are due a refund on their taxes, the government has announced.

The Public Accounts Ministry has announced that in total €1.14 billion has been overpaid and around 6.3 million people could be due a refund.

The over-payments stem from changes to the French taxe d'habitation – the household tax that until recently was paid by virtually everybody with a permanent address in France.


This tax is in the process of being scrapped for everyone apart from second home owners.

It has been phased out in stages from 2018 with first a 30 rebate then a 65 percent rebate leading to its planned abolition (apart from for second home owners) by 2023.

The over-payment comes from people who have opted to make monthly payments, but have not adjusted these down in line with the yearly reductions.

Anyone who had previously set up monthly payments and has not altered the amount is advised to check their tax bills. For the next tax year, a reduced monthly payments can be set up online via your personal tax page. 

The refunds will be made directly into the bank accounts of people who have set up monthly payments, and will appear under the names “DDFIP de la Haute-Vienne” or “DRFIP Grand Est et Dpt Bas-Rhin”.

The taxe d'habitation is paid by the householder and is different to the taxe foncière, which is paid by the building owner. Taxe foncière is unfortunately not being scrapped, and in fact in many places is rising sharply. The deadline for paying this tax is October 15th, or October 20th if you're paying online.

The cost of taxe d'habitation varies hugely depending on where you live, but it is estimated that the scrapping of the tax will save the average household €723 a year.

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