My secret France: Exotic animals and famous cheese in ‘unfashionable’ Indre

In our new series, we're asking readers of The Local to shine a light on some hidden corners of France and share some knowledge of their local area and their life there. Here stand-up comedian and guest house owner Ian Moore goes out to bat for 'the unfashionable end of the Loire valley'.

My secret France: Exotic animals and famous cheese in 'unfashionable' Indre
There are lots of hidden corners to the famous Loire Valley. Photo: AFP
Where in France do you live and how long have you lived there?
In the Indre, on the unfashionable end of the Loire Valley, and I've been there just under 15 years.

What is the best thing about life in your part of France?
The peace and quiet.

What has been the highest point so far – the moment you knew you had made the right move?
Almost every time I return home after gigging in the UK.

And the lowest point?
The return to the UK to gig! That, and the paperwork for EVERYTHING!

July 2018 was a pretty good month to be a French football fan. Photo: AFP
And the strangest moment living there?
So many to choose from but France winning the World Cup two days after qualifying for French citizenship was a game changer.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before you moved there?
That everything would be alright, that the risk was worth it. And that it's alright not to like Andouillette. [The highly questionable French sausage that is apparently supposed to smell like intestines].

What is the best local restaurant/bar?
La Mange Grenouille, Saint Aignan.

And the best local shopping place?
The weekly market in Selles sur Cher.

The nearby Zooparc de Beauval offers a fun day out. Photo: AFP
And the best place for a day out?
Zooparc de Beauval or Tours.

What is your favourite local food or drink?
Favourite local food is fromage de chèvres de Selles-sur-Cher, rightly world famous and to drink a white cabernet sauvignon de Valencay.

Tell us something about your part of France that people might not know?
It's a well-kept secret for a reason!
[Good answer! Although we suppose it could be Ian's guest house – La Pause Val de Loire.]
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