Brits in France prepare to march on London over Brexit

Brits in France prepare to march on London over Brexit
Citizens rights group Remain in France Together. Photo: RIFT
Dozens of Brits in France are preparing for a trip to London to protest over the rights of British people living in Europe after Brexit.

Citizens rights group Remain in France Together (RIFT) and campaign group Europeans United are calling on as many Brits as possible to make the trip from France to make their voices heard in London in October.

There are two major campaign events planned in London for October. The first is the Rally 4 Our Rights on October 12th and is a rally (rather than a march) to be held in central London to demand that the rights of British citizens in Europe, and EU citizens in Britain, be protected after Brexit.

A previous anti Brexit march in London in March attracted more than 1 million people. Photo: AFP

The second event is the Let us Be Heard People's Vote march on October 19th, which is calling for a second referendum on the subject of Brexit to be held in the UK.

Leigh Chandler from RIFT urged as many people as possible to make the trip.

She said: “The rally on October 12th it will be more a sombre affair than a march (in fact it will be more static, so ideal for those unable to walk well) with guest speakers and a planned ‘open mic’ session to allow participation from the public.  The event has quickly picked up traction, and the organisers are expecting a very healthy turnout of supporters. 

“RIFT and Europeans United will also be there on October 19th with many UK in EU who want to march and protest against Brexit. 

“The organisers are expecting huge numbers of people as this may be the final protest before the expected day to exit Europe on October 31st. These marches although huge (the one earlier this year surpassed 1 million people) are extremely good natured and well organised.”

For more information on the events, or how to get involved if you cannot travel to the UK, visit the Europeans United Facebook page.

For those concerned about how Brexit will affect them, there is information on residency, healthcare and travel on the RIFT page and also in our Brexit section.

There are also a series of RIFT groups in different areas of France run by people living in those areas offering advice and support.

They are; RIFT Bourgogne Franche Comté, covering Departments 21, 25, 39, 58, 70, 71, 89 and 90. Rift Gironde, Deptartment 33. RIFT Pays de la Loire Departments, 44, 49, 53, 72 and 85. RIFT Poitou Charentes & Vendee, Departments 16, 17, 79, 85 and 86. RIFT Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Departments 62 and 59. Haute Savoie Community Forum, covering Department 74. RIFT in the Touraine and Berry, Departments 37,36, and 41. RIFT (in the Limousin), Departments 19, 23 and 87 RIFT Alpes Maritime, Department 06 RIFT Picardie, Departments 02, 60 and 80 RIFT in the Gers and Haute-Pyrénées 32 and 65 RIFT Alsace – Lorraine 54,55, 57, 67, 68 and 88 RIFT Outremer – Overseas French Territories RIFT – Languedoc Roussillon Départements 11, 30, 34, 48 and 66. RIFT in Brittany 22, 29, 35 and 56.

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