French Word of the Day: rude

French Word of the Day: rude
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For the first of The Local's French Word of the Day series we look at what the French mean when they use the word 'rude'. And it's very different to how it's used in English.
Why have we chosen the word “rude”? 
In the French press last year, Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme was quoted as describing this year's race as “rude”
This tricky false friend is commonly used and often used in the French headlines (see below) which got us thinking about what it really means, which is very different from “bad-mannered” or “impolite”.
So, what exactly did Prudhomme mean?
Prudhomme's full quote was, “C'était un Tour de France rude”.
Looking back at the tournament, he said that it was “rude” in many respects, which probably won't come as a surprise to anyone who followed cyclist Chris Froome's anti-doping case which preceded the event, the use of tear gas at a farmers' protest, the verbal abuse of Team SKY riders, which temporarily halted the race and the accusations of French bashing.
While the French word “rude” can translate as “tough” or “gruelling”, Prudhomme didn't just mean physically for the riders but everything that went around it.
So in this case we could probably favour synonyms for “tough” such as “difficult”, “arduous”, “testing” or even “challenging”.
It is often used in French with “rude épreuve” which would translate as “tough test” or “harsh test”.

But it has other meanings…
One of the reasons “rude” can be such a tricky word to translate is due to the fact that it has multiple meanings — none of which are the same as its English counterpart. 
In a different context, for example, it can mean “tremendous”, “formidable” and “impressive”. 
And if it is being used to describe someone's appetite as in “un rude appétit”, it means “healthy appetite.” 
Here are some examples of how to use “rude” in everyday French. 
1. Le manque d'eau dans les régions arides rend la vie rude.
The lack of water in arid regions makes life hard.
2. Ce joueur est rude en mêlée.
This player is formidable in the scrum.
3. Ton frère a un rude appétit!
Your brother has a formidable appetite!
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