‘Let’s add brexit to French language to mean insoluble row’ says leading intellectual

'Let's add brexit to French language to mean insoluble row' says leading intellectual
Writer and literary judge Bernard Pivot. Photo: AFP
One of France's leading intellectuals has proposed adding the word 'brexit' to the French language - as synonyms for "shambolic meeting" or "insoluble row".

Bernard Pivot, a writer and host of many cultural TV programmes in France has made the suggestion to add brexit with a lower case b to the French language.

He tweeted: “I propose to introduce the word 'brexit' (without capital letters) in the French language. 


“It will designate a loud and insoluble debate, a messy meeting or a messy assembly. Eg 'the meeting of co-owners ended in brexit.”

The suggestion from Pivot, who also chairs the Prix Goncourt literary prize, was largely met with enthusiasm by his followers with many branding it a “great idea”.

Many also referred to a joke made by former Europe Minister Natalie Loiseau, who said she had named her cat Brexit because he made a fuss about leaving but was then reluctant to go.

She later confirmed that her remarks were only a joke and she does not in fact own a cat, saying “one needs a certain sense of humour” to deal with Brexit.


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