French butcher announces cannabis sausages for sale

French butcher announces cannabis sausages for sale
Photo: Depositphotos / ArturVerkhovetskiy
There's a hot new creation flying off the shelves of one French butcher - cannabis sausages.

Cannabis sausages are currently all the rage in Marseille. This crazy idea comes from a young butcher, Luca Morand, who works in the Endoume neighborhood. 

The 22-year-old told local newspaper La Provence he had been considering selling cannabis sausages for three years now, long before he even owned his first shop.

For him, the creation process was the same as for any other sausage. He explained: ''I went to see several suppliers to see their prices, as I would do for any onion sausage. But this time the 'onion' is really expensive, €13 a gram.''  


In three weeks, around 15 kilograms of chipolatas were sold, promising barbecues to be more relaxing than ever.

So how is this legal?

Well the now trademark registered Ouidi sausage does not contain actual marijuana. The chipolata only contains cannabidiol, or CBD in its shortened version, which comes from the cannabis flower. 

French law differentiates between THC, which has a narcotic effect and is illegal, and CBD, which is the ingredient generally used in medical cannabis products and does not produce a 'high' effect.

CBD is therefore purchasable as such, as long as people do not smoke it and the ratio of THC per gram does not exceed 0.2 percent. Though, things are getting complicated when it comes to derivative products.

End products containing CBD, such as biscuits, tea infusions or even creams, cannot contain THC at all. The line is seen by many as blurry, which is why so many CBD shops opened and closed in a short space of time across the country last year.

As for now in France, smoking marijuana is still illegal and could earn you a €200 fixed-sum fine.



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