Leaving scooters scattered on Paris pavements will now net you a €35 fine

It's a classic Paris view to see electric scooters casually scattered across the sidewalk, but city authorities have now banned the practice, and say all scooters must be properly parked in a designated area.

Leaving scooters scattered on Paris pavements will now net you a €35 fine
Photo: AFP

There are 15,000 electric scooters now whizzing through the streets of Paris, a figure which is constantly growing and estimated to reach 40,000 by the end of the year.

The French ministry for transport has confirmed that new legislation will come into force in September – but Paris authorities have got in first with an immediate ban on leaving scooters outside designated parking areas.

Anyone who leaves a scooter anywhere other than a reserved space – marked as a white rectangle with paint on the ground – risks a fine of up to €35.



They must use either the specially marked scooter spaces or the existing motorbike spaces, according to the decree published in the city’s Bulletin Officiel.

In a statement, the Paris Mairie said: “[The growth in electric scooters] creates difficulties in terms of parking and generates conflict over the usage of public space…[they] run a significant risk of obstructing pedestrians, causing a risk of falling, especially for people with a visual handicap.”

People with pushchairs have also complained about the obstructions.

Therefore scooters must be parked “only in areas that are adapted to their characteristics”, the Mairie said.

Around 2,500 new places should be available by the end of 2019.

Pedestrians are also tired of being flustered by electric scooters, zipping past on pavements at speeds of up to 20km/h. Some electric scooters can reach 80km/h. 

Earlier in April, Paris rolled out steep fines of up to €135 for people who ride on the pavement and the city authorities are also considering limiting the number of firms that can operate.







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