‘Help us find the hero Frenchman who saved our lives in Morzine blaze’

'Help us find the hero Frenchman who saved our lives in Morzine blaze'
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A search has been launched to find the French hero of a blaze in Morzine who saved the lives of a group of British tourists.

The five British men, who were staying in the French Alpine resort of Morzine during a biking trip around France, were rescued by a local man who broke down the door of their chalet and dragged them to safety.

“My son and four friends were saved by a very, very brave man who selflessly put his life on the line to break down the chalet door and dragged them out just before the whole lot went up,” Dave Hinton tells The Local.

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“He was passing and saw the fire and kicked the door in and dragged them out,” Dave explains.

“I would like to thank him but we do not know who he is.”

“I think we should make the effort to find this brave man and thank him for saving their lives and we think many more lives as well.

“There were just minutes to spare.”


The blaze broke out in the historic centre of Morzine, in Haut-Savoie in eastern France, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

It spread rapidly through three buildings on the rue Taille de Mas du Plene, in the centre of town, engulfing the chalet where the friends were staying.

Tony Hinton, one of the five men dragged from the blaze, said: “All I know is that he had a pink T-shirt and short dark hair. 

“He was French, well built and I think he worked in a restaurant close by.

“We just want to thank him and I would be grateful for any help.”

Around 40 people were evacuated but no-one was injured as 43 French firefighters tackled the blaze.

Do you have any information that can help identify this hero? Email [email protected]

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