QUIZ: How well do you know these famous French landmarks?

QUIZ: How well do you know these famous French landmarks?
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There are few countries in the world which boast a better array of monuments than France - but how well do you know France's most famous sites?

Steeped in history and constantly evolving, France is a traveller's dream and wherever you go, you'll be craning your neck to take in the sites. 

But how well do you know your French landmarks? Take our test to see if you are a French sightseeing pro or a novice traveller.


Can you name these French landmarks?


What is this grand castle-like building?


Do you recognise this old church upon a hill?


These remains tower over a hillside, but what are they called?


Tricky, tricky… what's this monument called?


A ride for the brave, what's this famous transport called?


Can you name this impressive bridge?


Another bridge, a different style. What's this one called?


France's very own version of Stonehenge, what do they call their set of famous rocks?


A medieval castle still standing today, do you know its name?


Perhaps not the best looker, but this is a bridge of great historical importance. What's its name?


What's this spaceship-like construction?


Can you name this gothic building?


Not many hints from the outside, but what is this building?


Do you know what these white cliffs are called?


Especially popular during the festive period, can you name this famous site?



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