Nudists in Paris fed up with ‘perverts hiding in the bushes’

Naturists who have been making the most of the nudist zone in a Paris park say their peace and tranquility is being ruined by "voyeurs and exhibitionists".

Nudists in Paris fed up with 'perverts hiding in the bushes'
Naturists at the nudist zone in Paris enjoy a yoga session. Photo: AFP

The nudist zone in the Bois de Vincennes on the eastern edge of Paris opened last year to much acclaim from the capital's naturists.

They had long demanded to be given an area where they could hang out without their clothes on.

The City Hall under Mayor Anne Hidalgo bowed to their wishes and dedicated a space of over of over two acres to naturists, which is open from April to October.

Since the space was opened back in 2017, it has proved very popular, with 400 visitors on sunny weekend days, and 100-200 during the week, according to the Paris naturist association. 

But naturists are complaining that inappropriate behaviour, something explicitly banned by authorities, is now becoming more and more common.

Examples of a couple having sex in front of naturists and a voyeur hanging around the edge of the area until he was booted out are given as examples of annoying behaviour that naturists are growing tired of.

“Voyeurs and exhibitionists come and bother the women, some masturbate in front of them, of course they are afraid,” a naturist called Bernard told Le Monde newspaper adding that women only number around five percent of naturists who use the area.

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“Sometimes a police squad comes by but if they don't catch in anyone in the act of committing a crime, then they can't punish anyone,” he added.

His friend William added: “The perverts take advantage of the ambiguity of the mixing of men and women here.

“There are no toilets, but for men it's easier, you can go to the woods. For women, it's more complicated, there are perverts waiting in the bushes to watch them,” he said.

Mayor of the 12th Arrondissement Catherine Baratti-Elbaz confirmed that authorities were aware of incidents in the nudist zone and vowed to step up park patrols to try to eradicate the problem.

But she stressed that the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne on the western edge of the city have long had a reputation for being places where people go to partake in sexual acts and prostitution.

Police say no official complaints have been reported this year but that last July five people were arrested for sexual exhibitionism and several people were kicked out of the area.

Naturists have said they prefer to deal with the issue of voyeurs and exhibitionists themselves rather than involve the police. Some say the problems at the nudist zone are exaggerated. 

France is considered the top holiday destination for naturists in Europe with millions heading to the country each summer.

Its popularity has led to a thriving naturism industry with campsites, beaches and hotels set aside for those wanting to spend a holiday in the buff.

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Naked cyclists banned from Paris streets but bare all in Rennes for historic ride

With nude cyclists banned from the streets of Paris and Lyon at the last minute Rennes became the first French city to host the global Naked Bike Ride on Sunday.

Naked cyclists banned from Paris streets but bare all in Rennes for historic ride
Naked cyclists in Rennes on Saturday. Photo: AFP

Dozens of naked cyclists gathered in Rennes on Sunday to cycle across the western city in the city's first edition of what naturists hope will turn into an annual event.

Around 70 people turned up for the ride in Rennes. Photo: AFP

“We’re delighted, we laughed a lot, had a great time,” Michèle Charles-Dominé, from the French Naturist Federation (FFN) which organised the event, told RFI.



It was the first time the international movement Naked Bike Ride was allowed to cycle through a French city, after years of trying.

Masks and hats, but nothing else. Photo: AFP

Local authorities banned the ride last minute in Paris and Lyon, but only modified the route in Rennes so that participants would avoid the city centre.


A lonely rider in Rennes. Photo: AFP

France has an active naturist movement, however French law bans “deliberate sexual display in the sight of others in a place accessible to the public.” Offenders risk up to one year in prison and a fine.



'Less gas, more ass'

The tour, also known as Cyclonudista, was set up in 2003 to raise awareness about climate change and promote bicycles as a means of transport.

Photo: AFP

“Less gas, more ass,” is a popular slogan during rallies in the United States.

“We only have one planet, so we want to defend it,” naked cyclist Charles-Dominé in Rennes told RFI. 

“When you care about nature, it’s better to be naked, you show your fragility.”