French Expression of the Day: se mettre au vert

French Expression of the Day: se mettre au vert
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We're well into holiday season and people in cities all over France are looking to escape to the French countryside - and this is the perfect expression to describe just that.

Why do I need to know se mettre au vert?

It's the time of year when city living really starts to grind people down – even in Paris. 

So, many people will be hitting the road and heading for the hills for les grandes vacances – the phrase used to describe the long summer holiday in France – and that's where today's expression of the day comes in. 

So, what does it mean?

Se mettre au vert means 'to get out into the countryside'. 

So for example, you might say: Cet été nous quittons Paris, nous allons nous mettre au vert. – 'This summer, we're leaving Paris and getting into the countryside.'

Or you could say: Jean est un baroudeur des villes prêt à se mettre au vert. – 'Jean is a city adventurer ready to get into the countryside.'

However this isn't the only way to use the expression – it can also mean 'to go on the run'. 

For example, Recherché par la police, le voleur se met au vert et se fait discret. – 'Wanted by the police, the thief goes on the run and lies low.'

As with most expressions, context is everything. 

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