French Word of the Day: m’as-tu-vu

French Word of the Day: m'as-tu-vu
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Anyone who has ever taken a stroll past a café in a trendy part of the French capital will certainly have seen a few of these folk hanging around.

Why do I need to know m'as-tu-vu?

Everyone has seen those people sitting outside a French café reading the right trendy book and striking the perfect pose with their cigarette and glass of wine. Well, now you have a word to describe them. 

So, what does it mean?

Literally the word translates as 'have-you-seen-me'. But when it's used as one long noun, it means a 'poser', 'show off' or 'attention seeker' – in other words someone vain and pretentious who wants to be seen. 

For example you might say: Oui, elle est très m'as-tu-vu. -'Yes, she's a real poser.'

This word will come particularly in handy to anyone living in Paris where m'as-tu-vuisme (the art of being a poser) is something of a collective hobby. 

You can also use it to describe an object which is a bit 'showy' – for example a sports car or massive sunglasses. 

For example, Est-ce que je dois y aller avec les lunettes de soleil m'as-tu-vu? – 'Should I go with the showy sunglasses?'


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