French Word of the Day: zarbi

French Word of the Day: zarbi
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Another in our series of verlan words... and you might even be tempted to use this one to describe the French argot.
Why do I need to know zarbi?
Zarbi is frequently used in everyday speech and protests and is a good example of verlan, almost a dialect unto itself of French slang. Using it might even give your French a little boost of street cred. 
Zarbi is a verlan word, meaning that it is formed by inverting another word's syllables (for more on verlan, check out our recent word of the day vénère and our more in-depth analysis of this French argot).
In this case, that word is bizarre which is turned into zarbi as follows: bi – zarre => zarre – bi => zarbi
How do I use it?
Zarbi is the equivalent of saying 'bizarre', 'strange' or 'weird' in English. 
For example, you might hear J'ai vu un mec zarbi dans le bus. – I saw a weird guy on the bus.
Or, Il y avait beaucoup d'objets zarbis au marché aux puces. – There were many strange objects at the flea market.

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