Dordogne activates emergency plan as heatwave hits France

Dordogne activates emergency plan as heatwave hits France
Photo: AFP
As temperatures continue to rise in France, local authorities in Dordogne have activated their emergency plan to protect people from health risks associated with high heat.

Following in the footsteps of Paris, which activated its emergency plan on Monday, Dordogne authorities have declared a level three alert due to the unusually high temperatures, which are predicted to last all week.


Temperatures in the Dordogne are already in the high 30s and are expected to peak on Thursday at 39C.

The public notice in Dordogne calls on the health and social systems to be prepared to provide correct care to people in the high temperatures.

People designated as particularly vulnerable to the heat are those aged 65 or over, young children or people with a disability or chronic health condition.

The Préfecture of Dordogne will also be opening up extra shelters for the homeless and there is also a hotline to call if you see a homeless person on the street who appears to be in distress – call the préfecture on 15.

Meanwhile employers are advised that they will need to make special provisions so that their employees are comfortable in the heat and are not exposed to health risks.

This applies particularly to people working outside, and in those cases the employer could be expected to offer longer breaks, alter working hours to avoid the hottest part of the day, rotate physically demanding tasks and provide shaded areas, water and fans to help employees keep cool.

For all others the following advice is issued:

– keep your accommodation cool (close windows and shutters during the day, open them in the evening and at night to ventilate); 
– drink water regularly without waiting until you are thirsty;
– refresh and wet your body (at least your face and forearms) several times a day; 
– spend several hours a day in a cool place (cinema, public library, supermarket); 
– avoid going out during the hottest hours and taking part in physical activity; 
– remember to keep in touch with family and friends and check on anyone vulnerable to the heat.


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