French Expression of the Day: raclure de bidet

French Expression of the Day: raclure de bidet
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Today's expression is particularly filthy and oh so French. Find out what 'raclure de bidet' means, and when you might need to deploy this nuclear option of an insult.

Why do I need to know raclure de bidet?

We might be overstating if we said you need to know this, but it's always fun to know creative insults in a foreign language… and this one demonstrates a certain Gallic flair. 

So, what does it mean?

Literally the expression means 'bidet scum' which is of course disgusting, but if you're fed up of your run of the mill insults, such as putain and connard, it might be just the ticket. The equivalent insult in English is probably 'douche bag'.

Clearly no one wants to be described as 'bidet scum' so it's sure to be an effective way of getting your point across, and on top of that the reference to a bidet means that you're demonstrating an understanding of the French way of life at the same time! What could be better?

So, if you'd like an inventive way to put someone in their place then you might want to crack out: T'es une raclure de bidet. – 'You bidet scum.'

Hopefully, it goes without saying that this is not an insult to bring out in front of your boss… or granny. 


There is some debate over where the expression comes from but many people clam they first heard it in cult French film Les Trois Frères released in 1995.

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