Quiz: How well do you know your French driving laws?

Quiz: How well do you know your French driving laws?
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Whether you're heading to France in your car this summer, or you live here, you'll need to be well informed on the country's driving laws. Take our test to find out how much you already know.


How well do you know your French driving laws?


What is the penalty for drivers who have more passengers than seats in their car?


What is the current speed limit on France's secondary roads?


What was the new punishment rolled out earlier in 2019 for those caught drink driving in France?


How many points do drivers face having on their licence if they don't respect pedestrian priority at crossings?


Which region in France has trialled using unmarked cars with speed cameras inside to catch speeding drivers?


According to French law, what should you do if you see an emergency vehicle flashing its lights or any vehicle using hazard lights while stopped on a hard shoulder?


How much can a driver be fined in France for using their phone when they have stopped?


Is it illegal to eat at the wheel in France?


What does it mean if you get a letter 'S' in your contrôle technique (MOT)?


Are you allowed to smoke while driving in France?


Cars carrying which Crit'Air sticker will be banned from driving in Paris at certain times from July 2019?


What kit are you required by law to have in the car when driving in France?

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