French Expression of the Day: Tu m’emmerdes

French Expression of the Day: Tu m'emmerdes
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This is one of the most vulgar expressions you're likely to come across in everyday life in France. Here's what 'tu m'emmerdes' really means.
Why do I need to know tu m'emmerdes?
Tu m'emmerdes is an expression that you will definitely come across on a fairly regular basis, although we hope – for your sake – it isn't directed at you. 
So what does it mean?
The literal translation of tu m'emmerdes is 'you're shitting on me'. 
But it really means 'you're pissing me off!', 'you're bugging me!' or 'you're getting on my nerves!'
For example you might say: Tu m'emmerdes avec tes questions – 'You're getting on my nerves with all your questions.'
This one is suitable to blurt out when that stiff upper lip finally cracks and you boil over – and you might even find yourself at the receiving end of it from time to time. 
But it is definitely a slang expression and not something you should be saying in front of your boss or your parents in law. 

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  1. I think ‘tu m’fais chier’ is more common as in les anglais me font chier avec leur Brexit. Brit in France and that’s me not my French friends

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