French Word of the Day: pfff

French Word of the Day: pfff
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It's a word which is really more of a sound, but despite that it's a bit of a classic of French conversation. Here's a look at what 'Pfff' means (and which movement you need to coincide it with).

Why do I need to know pfff?

It might sound (and look) a bit silly but this word is a staple of French conversation. 

Used in the right way, it will give your spoken French a bit of native attitude. 

So, what does it mean?

Pfff often goes hand in hand with a facial expression that exudes boredom or dislike because it is used to convey contempt, disdain and scorn. 

The French use it when somebody is saying something they consider to be stupid, ridiculous, pathetic so much so that they are at a loss for a real answer and are reduced to saying pfff

There isn't an exact translation in English, but it could be compared to sighing loudly when someone is speaking and some might even make a similar noise to the French pfff to go with it. 

Here's an example of this noise in use: Pfff, elle n'avait rien d'exceptionnel cette femme. – Pfff, there was nothing exceptional about that woman. 

Or, Pfff, c'est n'importe quoi – 'Pfff, whatever'. 

Remember that while it is very common, it is still colloquial and is certainly one to avoid using in front of your boss. 

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