VIDEO: Frenchwoman finds living mouse in supermarket baguette

A woman buying a baguette in her local supermarket near Paris was startled to find a live mouse inside it... and took the opportunity to catch the moment on camera.

VIDEO: Frenchwoman finds living mouse in supermarket baguette
Photo: Flickr/Lydur Skulason
A woman in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris picked a baguette from the shelf in her local Carrefour supermarket, only to find a live mouse inside it, nibbling on the bread.
Shocked, the startled woman alerted the supermarket staff but not before filming the offending rodent.
“I still feel a bit sick about this. I'm aware that mice are around everywhere but this one was actually inside the packaging,” the woman later told the French media
“What irks me most, is that we don't know what this mouse has done. It could have gone into other breads and eaten or peed on them and then gone out again,” she said. 
The supermarket said it has since thrown out all the bread and treated its shop against rodents.
The store managers said they were surprised by the mouse's appearance especially as the shop is checked for mice every two weeks and said they were looking into the matter.
But there are already some clues as to how the mouse could have sneaked into that baguette.
Works are being carried out on the Metro line nearby which could have forced the mice living underground nearby to move elsewhere. Hundreds of rodents were recently found in apartment blocks nearby.

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