So do the British in France want Theresa May's Brexit deal to pass?

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So do the British in France want Theresa May's Brexit deal to pass?
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On Tuesday evening, British MPs will vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's revised Brexit deal. But do the British living in France want it to pass so at least they have some certainty about their futures?


If the deal goes ahead, then at least most of the rights of British citizens in the EU and Europeans in the UK would be protected even if Britain crashes out of Europe without a deal. 

Meanwhile a rejection of the deal means less certainty for the British living in France and MPs will then be asked to vote on Wednesday on whether the UK should give up negotiations and leave in a no-deal scenario.

The Local ran a straw poll on Twitter, asking readers if they hope May's updated Brexit deal gets the green light on Tuesday.

And the results were pretty emphatic.

Despite the fact a deal would at least give Britons in France some guarantees about their future, most wanted it to be rejected.

On Twitter two-thirds of voters so far are saying no, they don't want the deal to cross the line, with over 20% saying that they have stopped caring about Brexit and just over 10% saying that they actually do want it to pass. 


Brits in Europe hold breath with MPs set to vote on Theresa May's 'improved' dealPhoto: AFP

David Stewart, who does not want the deal to pass and wants a second vote on Brexit, said, "There's quite a lot 'wrong' with the way the EU works, but I'd rather the UK played a constructive part in promoting improvements from inside than by criticising/'advising' from outside".Some made their frustration over the situation very clear. 


Sonia Woodman asked, "How can anyone say they've given up caring when it's their future and their children's future that is at stake. Do they not understand the depths of the choice before them? Let's have a #PeoplesVote to see if it's the deal the People want, before signing away Britain's future."

Helen Hughes objected for very different reasons.
"No! If it goes through, we are still tied to the EU in one way or another! It would also mean that a couple of years down the line if our politicians are the same traitorous lot, we would probably re-apply and won't the EU make hay then."
'No' to new deal
On The Local's Facebook page, the reactions were also predominantly negative, with many readers replying simply "no" to the question of whether or not they are hoping the deal passes so they can feel a little more reassured about their future in France.
Kate McCarthy said, "no, nothing's really changed. Ridiculous waste of time yet again."
Openly pessimistic, Kieran Colfer said, "why bother being optimistic, the ERG and the DUP will vote it down, that's a given. They want nothing less than a union-jack-wrapped unicorn with chocolate sprinkles, and they won't settle for anything less."
Colin Millin also said that he didn't hope the deal passed, but that he thought it probably would. He added, "I feel secure being out of the UK. Even though the UK has crashed my earnings by 20%."
However not everyone said they didn't want the deal to pass.
Striking a rare note of optimism, a reader called Claire G Younghusband on Facebook said that she did want it to go through, saying it is "decision time". 
And John Brown said "the deal will sail through now. Accept it or get no Brexit."

May has claimed to have secured 'legally-binding changes' at an eleventh-hour meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Strasbourg on Monday night.

Speaking on Tuesday morning, May called on MPs to back her "improved" Brexit deal in a vote that will have huge repercussions for the lives of British citizens based in France. 

The vote is expected to take place at 7pm local time in London on Tuesday and it will be followed by a debate by MPs.  


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[email protected] 2019/03/16 18:11
Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS!The woman bangs on about the British people having voted and that having a second vote would be undemocratic. Yet she sees nothing wrong in having not only a second, but perhaps a third OR maybe even a fourth vote for her bloody deal.

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