French Expression of the Day: C’est énorme!

French Expression of the Day: C'est énorme!
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This expression literally means 'it's enormous' - but it's used in many situations in France.
Why do I need to know c'est énorme?
It's a simple enough phrase but c'est énorme can be used in lots of ways and the French use it all the time.
If you listen carefully, you'll hear loads of things described as énorme, even if they are tiny or not even things. Confused?
Here's how to use this useful little expression.
What does it mean?
C'est énorme literally means it's enormous, but when it is used as an expression (and it often is as an exclamation) it means that something is great, or amazing or incredible.
It can also convey surprise – as in something that's unbelievable. 
With only two words, c'est énorme conveys a whole range of emotions!
For example:
Je suis tombé sur mon ancien prof de math en vacances. — C'est énorme! I bumped into my old maths teacher on holiday. That's incredible!
Ils lui ont proposé le boulot, c'est énorme! — They offered her the job, it's great!
Ta tarte aux pommes est énorme! — You're apple tart is amazing!
The origins of c'est énorme seem pretty straightforward and the expression is similar in many ways to the English 'it's huge or 'it's big' as in something that's unbelievable or awesome, or a big deal or big news. 
Enorme is also used in a few other French expressions such as c'est pas énorme meaning 'that's not much' or c'est déjà énorme which means 'that's already a lot'. 
Some more examples:
Tout le gouvernmemt a démissioné, c'est énorme. — The entire government has resigned, it's unbelievable. 
C'est énorme tous les progrès qu'il a fait depuis qu'il prends des cours.  — The progress he's made since taking lessons is amazing.
Elle a gagné au loto, c'est énorme! — She's won the lottery, it's great!

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