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Join us: Why The Local France needs your support

In 2019 The Local France aims improve our coverage of France, the French and how the country works. And we need help from readers.

Join us: Why The Local France needs your support
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In April 2018 The Local France followed in the footsteps of our sister sites in Sweden and Germany and launched a Membership scheme.

We had reached a point where the dominance of Google and Facebook meant advertising could no longer provide the resources to keep the site running and growing so we asked readers to support us financially by becoming Members.

It was a positive change because it meant we concentrate less on clicks and more on essential content for readers.

Being a Member gave readers unlimited access to the website and also enabled them to read certain in-depth articles reserved just for Members. 

So far nearly 3,000 have signed up to support The Local France. We are grateful for their backing. You can join now for just €6 for the first three months.


This has enabled us not just to continue our coverage of the important news events in France but improve it.
We've brought on board veteran France correspondent John Lichfield, a former foreign editor at The Independent, as a news columnist to provide opinion and analysis on the big stories. You can read his latest piece HERE.
His brilliant coverage of the Yellow Vest movement and the violent protests made him what another foreign correspondent called “THE voice” on the gilets jaunes.
In recent months we have also taken it upon ourselves to put the record straight when the foreign coverage of France is wrong, on everything from Brexit to new driving laws.
We have forged close ties with key campaigners for Britons in France such as Remain in France Together and reported on all the changes and upheaval the UK's EU divorce could bring to Brits here in our special BREXIT section.
We have also put your questions to some if the key Brexit players on the French side including Europe minister Nathalie Loiseau and MP Alexander Holroyd.
We have upped the number of advice articles to help foreigners living in France, covering themes such as how to avoid being conned, changes to driving laws, income tax, health care and very importantly how not to get shot during the hunting season.
For our American readers we have looked at how they can find work in France and also where in the country they all live.
And on request of readers we introduced a regular French Word of the Day and have a new feature where our news articles include useful French vocab to learn.
We have also done more to feature our readers on the site. We have a new series of articles with readers in France offering their tips on everyday life such as which phone company to go with, which French supermarket to shop at and what to do if you suffer from depression in France.
Our readers are experts on life in France so we have asked them to answer some of the many questions we get asked such as “how bad really is the paperwork here?” and “how good is the food ?”
It hasn't all been easy and we apologize to those affected by technical gremlins when signing in. We are working hard to solve these issues and we have recently set up a Help Centre for members.
Overall we think we do a good job but we want to do more. We want more expert columnists explaining France. We want to spend more time exploring the problems that foreigners have in France and most importantly providing the answers. We want to cover the important news in more detail and we want to respond to the questions our readers have.
But we need support. Please consider becoming a Member and getting more involved in The Local France. You can join for just 6 euros for the first three months, in other words seven cents a day.
Thanks and kind regards.
Ben McPartland, Editor of The Local France.

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The Local reaches 2000 Members – will you be next?

Today 2,000 readers of our sites in France, Germany and Sweden have become paying Members – and half that number has joined in the past month.

The Local reaches 2000 Members - will you be next?

If you're one of the 2,000, I'd like to thank you personally. 

For The Local, this is a landmark. For the past fourteen years it has been our ambition to focus wholeheartedly on serving the international communities across Europe. Now that these communities are helping to pay for The Local we are liberated like never before to do this.

What you've been telling us in your emails and through the articles you choose to read is that you want The Local to give you more help to face the practical challenges you face living abroad. But you also tell us that you want to understand more about these societies, to get under their skin. It's our mission to give you all of this.

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For us, 2,000 Members is only the start. The advertising revenue that The Local still depends on is exceptionally volatile, particularly in an era in which tech giants like Google and Facebook are increasingly dominant. In the long term, we need many more of our 5 million monthly readers to become Members and help secure The Local's future.

I, my fellow founder Paul Rapacioli and dozens of talented colleagues have spent the past decade building The Local. I believe that our audience of mobile global citizens is more important to Europe than ever. If you agree with me, I hope you'll follow the lead of your 2,000 fellow readers and become a Member of The Local today.


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