No-deal Brexit: France brings in new law to confirm rights for British citizens

No-deal Brexit: France brings in new law to confirm rights for British citizens
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The French government has approved the decree that covers the rights of Britons living in France in the case of a no-deal Brexit. Here's what we know so far.
Britons in France have been waiting on tenterhooks to find out what their status will be if what many consider the worst case Brexit scenario — a no-deal exit — comes to pass. 
On January 17th the French government said they would be publishing five decrees covering preparations for a no-deal Brexit, with one dedicated to the rights of Britons living in France. 
The decree was approved on Wednesday and a summary published, with more details set to appear on Thursday. 
Here's what we know so far. 
– Britons living in France will have one year to get a non-EU citizen carte de séjour, or residence permit
During this period, the rights of British nationals will be maintained in terms of residence, working rights and access to benefits. 
Those who already have a permanent carte de séjour as an EU citizen will be able to swap it for a long-term resident non-EU citizen one.
Healthcare: The decree ensures that Britons living in France will continue to receive the same healthcare coverage for two years after Britain leaves the EU. This includes conditions that take into account periods of insurance or employment in the United Kingdom.
– Benefits: The decree says that British nationals who receive the Revenu de solidarité active (RSA) – social welfare aimed at helping those on low wages – will continue to do so for one year after Britain leave the European Union
– Several measures included in the decree relate to Britons working in France.
British nationals will have to inform their employers as soon as they receive their first residence permit issued after the UK leaves the EU. This permit will allow them to continue working.
The government has specified that the rights laid out in the decree all rely on the condition of reciprocity, meaning that the UK must offer French citizens living in Britain the same protection. 
Here's a link to the government website where there is a summary of the decree in French. 

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