Remote French island seeks candidates for key project (*Must be a fan of cows)

Remote French island seeks candidates for key project (*Must be a fan of cows)
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If you're looking for a break from the rat race in the big city, this remote Breton island of 800 inhabitants offers just that... and a new job.

* For language learners: we've highlighted some useful vocabulary in this news story. You'll find the French translations at the bottom of the article.

Our guess is that if you clicked on this story, there’s something about this out-of-the-blue job proposition that strikes a chord with you, even if you haven’t worked with cows ever in your life. 

The small island of Ushant (also spelt Ouessant in French), off the coast of Brittany’s Finistere department in the English Channel, is seeking a new organic dairy farmer.

The job advert was posted on the island’s town hall website and although one might assume the requirements aren’t that complicated (milk cows, right?), there’s a lot more to the role than meets the eye.

It’s been dubbed an “agricultural project” by Ushant authorities, a venture in which the successful candidate will have to teach many of the island’s farming residents how to produce organic dairy products whilst also ensuring the island’s farmland and natural spaces are properly managed and protected.

All this will have to presented as a sales pitch to the town hall board.

So in a nutshell, they’re looking for someone to almost single-handedly develop a new industry on an island with a drastically ageing population and with only one significant community: the village of Lampaul.

Logically Ushant town hall are not just looking for any old person for this complex role, with the main points of the selection criteria being that the candidate should have an education and background in agricultural science or similar, as well as experience in management, sales and environmental planning.

So it’s clear that the job isn’t meant for complete beginners in the dairy farm business, but for those who have studied an agriculture science degree and are looking to get their foot in the door, this could be a great opportunity and one for the CV.

In return you’ll get to live on a picturesque and tranquil island where everyone will probably know your name after a week.

If you’re still interested or know someone who might be, here’s the application process. Remember that the deadline for submissions on May 21, 2019.

French vocab to learn

postuler à un poste: apply for a job 

une offre/annonce d'emploi: job advert

l'élevage: farming, livestock farming

la gestion: management 

vieillissant: ageing 

une entreprise hasardeuse: venture

un argumentaire: sales pitch


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