What can you rent for a budget of €600 a month in cities across France?

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The size of the apartment you can rent for your money in France depends hugely on which city you live in. Here's a look at what you can get for your money.


The difference between what kind of apartment you can rent for your money in different cities across France is enormous, a new study has shown.

Based on the average amount French people spend a month on rent - €633 - the study by looked at 80,000 different apartment ads across France to determine what you could get in each city.

And the results, which might not be surprising to anyone who lives in Paris, will give those looking to leave the capital some food for thought.

The study revealed what many Paris residents already knew, that for €633 it's almost impossible to find a flat to rent in Paris, but if you do then it will be the size of a shoe box - or 14 square metres.

The average monthly rent in Paris is €1,079 or €884 in the surrounding Île-de-France region. Broken down the average rent price in Paris is €35.13 per square metre - three times more than in the rest of France (€12.17).

Rent prices have soared in Paris in recent months, thanks in part to the fact that the law capping prices was scrapped in November 2017. The fact many apartments in the capital have been taken off the market and rented solely to tourists on sites like Airbnb has also helped push up prices in the capital.

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Which is perhaps why so many Parisians are looking to move elsewhere in France and when they see what they can get for their money, who can blame them.

For example in Bordeaux, which has also seen a rise in rent prices, tenants can at least get a one-bedroom apartment for their €633 or around 38 square metres.

However Richard Horbette from told Le Parisien that Bordeaux suffered from a shortage of available apartments thanks to a surge in tourism but also the relatively new high-speed train link to the capital.

In fact Bordeaux is the city in France where demand for rental apartments is at its highest. There are 6.3 applications for one offer compared to 3.92 in Lyon and 3.12 in Paris.

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In cities such as Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes, Strasbourg and Rouen in northern France your €633 will get you a one-bedroom apartment of between 40 and 46 square metres.

But it's the mid-sized French cities of Rennes, Orleans and Dijon where your money will go the furthest.

In Dijon you can rent a 60 square metre two-bedroom flat for €633, while the same rent price will get you a 64 square metre two-bedroom flat in Orleans and 66 square metre apartment in Rennes in Brittany.

Interestingly the only cities in France where rent prices were decreasing, according to the study were Tours in the centre of the country and Avignon in the south.

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