‘I will drink your blood’: French rappers take feud to boxing ring

Two feuding French rappers have sparked hilarity on social media by vowing to settle their differences in the ring with a no-rules cage fight.

'I will drink your blood': French rappers take feud to boxing ring
French rapper Booba (L) and French rapper Kaaris (R) File photo: Dominique Faget, Loïc Venance / AFP.

Bitter rivals Booba and Kaaris ended up behind bars in August after a running battle between their entourages shut down part of a Paris airport.

Yet a month in solitary confinement, heavy fines and the threat of 18 more months behind bars has done nothing to cool their animosity.

Hostilities flared again between the rivals on Christmas Day, when traditionally goodwill is supposed to reign between all men.

After an exchange of angry greetings on social media, the pair said they would compete in a no-rules cage fight in the New Year.

Kaaris, 38, was the first to break the truce by challenging his rival to “come and get me. You know where to find me”.

Booba, known as the “Duke of Boulogne”, rose immediately to the bait, posting a video of himself on Instagram stripped to the waist to reveal his muscled and tattooed torso.

“I am waiting for the day, for the hour, brother. No referee, just an octagon,” he said, referring to the type of cage used in ultra-violent mixed martial arts.

“I'll eat your bones, I'll eat drink your blood.” 

'No referee. No rules'

Booba — aka Elie Yaffa — laid down the ground rules for the rumble.

“I am ready to take it to a Thai or normal boxing contest over 10 rounds,” he wrote.

“I am sure it would be a cake walk to fill Bercy,” he added, referring to the Paris stadium which is often used for rock concerts.

Kaaris accepted the challenge, insisting on the MMA octagon “without referee or rules” and demanded they fight this weekend.

The two rap stars were ordered to spend a month in custody in August after a brawl between them and their entourages delayed flights and forced a partial shutdown of Orly airport in Paris.
The beef between Booba and Kaaris in a departures hall packed with holidaymakers, some of whom filmed the incident on their phones as the rivals fought across shelves of perfume and souvenirs at a duty-free store.

The exchange of insults set social media alight, with mocking memes comparing the grudge match to the big money boxing match between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and Irish MMA star Conor McGregor in 2017, that the American won.

Airport bosses said the August brawl “endangered the lives of others” and lodged a public order complaint against the singers after the ruckus forced officials to temporarily shut down the departures hall.

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