These are the days to avoid driving in France over the festive period

Over the next few days, people across France will hit the roads and head to various parts of the country to celebrate Christmas with their families which is sure to make driving a bit tricky. Here's a look at when to avoid the roads altogether... if you can help it.

These are the days to avoid driving in France over the festive period
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Schools broke up for the festive period on Friday and many people have wasted no time in travelling to their Christmas destinations. 
French road traffic authority, Bison Futé has drawn up a chart of the days and times when it might be best to avoid the roads.
On Friday and Saturday traffic has been rated orange, the second highest alert, which means the situation on the roads will be “difficult”. 
There was particularly bad news for anyone planning to travel in the greater Paris Ile-de-France region which was marked red — the second highest alert — by the traffic authority for both Friday and Saturday, meaning traffic will be “very difficult”. 
As a result Bison Futé has advised motorists to leave or travel within the region before midday. 
It also recommended that motorists avoid driving in the vicinity of any big cities in France between 3pm and 6 pm on Friday and Saturday and said that traffic would be dense at the Mont Blanc Tunnel between 9 am and 3 pm as people travel into Italy.
Slowdowns are expected on the A6, A6a and A6b, A10, A86, A13 and N118 motorways out of Paris, in the Lyon area, as well as on the roads leading to the ski resorts.
Traffic is expected to remain fairly dense on the roads leading out of France's major cities during the period leading up to Christmas Day as well as Wednesday December 26th, with significant slowdowns on the roads towards Orleans in north-central France, Tours and the Normandy region.
However, according to the traffic authority, it would be much easier to make your journey out of the country's major cities after Saturday, with traffic on the roads expected to be much lighter on Sunday and Monday. 
New Year
On December 31st, New Year's Eve, the traffic authority has said there will be some temporary difficulties during the early evening in the direction of anywhere holding parties or celebrations. 
However fortunately the authority said that there should be no particular congestion problems. 
On the other hand it would be wise to drive particularly carefully due to the fact that more accidents generally occur on New Year's Eve, with people often driving back from parties late and tired, as well as the fact that there are sometimes unfavourable conditions for driving such as freezing rain, snow and ice.
On Wednesday January 2nd traffic is expected to be dense once again, particularly around Paris, as people start returning to the country's major cities.
End of school holidays
On Saturday January 5th, Bison Futé has advised drivers to leave the ski resorts before 9 am or after 4 pm and to avoid the A43 motorway between 7 am and 6 pm as families who have stayed away for the two-week school holiday start returning. 
The traffic will be dense between the French Alps and the north of the country, particularly the greater Paris region of Île-de-France, Bison Futé has said. 

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Traffic warnings issued in France for Pentecost holiday weekend

Traffic authorities have warned of busy roads as people in France head off for the long Pentecost weekend.

Traffic warnings issued in France for Pentecost holiday weekend
Many French people will be heading off for a long weekend until Monday, which marks the Christian celebration of Pentecost (Pentecôte). Photo: Ludovic MARIN / AFP

Roads will be busy across most of the country on Friday as many people in France take advantage of the public holiday on Monday 24th, which marks the Christian celebration of Pentecost (Pentecôte).

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Bison Futé, the government-run website that monitors traffic levels in France, has put most of the country on orange alert (third highest) on Friday for departures, except for the greater Paris Île-de-France region and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, which were on red alert (second highest).

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On Saturday the whole country will also be on orange alert for departures except for the Île-de-France region, which will be on red alert. And the same will be the case on Monday for returns.

Photo: Bison Futé

Rail disruption for trains to Marseille and from Paris to Toulouse

With SCNF carrying out works at the Saint-Charles station in Marseille, there is expected to be significant disruption in trains arriving in the southern French city from Saturday 22nd and Monday 24th of May.

This includes the TER trains between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence, Avignon via Arles, Narbonne and Lyon; the Intercités between Marseille and Bordeaux (a bus service will be available on Sunday 23rd of May) and the TGV Inoui and Ouigo trains.

The Intercité line from Paris to Toulouse will also be severely disrupted due to building works. There will be no trains running on Sunday, and will restart progressively from Monday.

From Wednesday May 19th, the curfew has been pushed back from 7pm to 9pm. So if you are travelling between 9pm and 6am, you need to fill the latest version of the attestation, which can be found on the TousAntiCovid app.