What changes about life in France from December 2018

This article contains important information for some property owners as well as anyone who uses gas, pays taxes, and/or has frequent sex.

What changes about life in France from December 2018
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Property owners
If you own an apartment in a block of fewer than 50 individually-owned properties, you have until December 31st to register it. 
According to the Alur law, brought in in 2014, your apartment must be registered on the national register of condominiums. 
This is part of an attempt to prevent problems that can arise in individually-owned apartments and can be done online at registre-coproprietes.gouv with the National Agency for Housing.
While this registration is mostly being carried out by property management companies, you may want to make sure that it has been done because there is a €20 fine for everyday you aren't registered after the deadline. 

Free condoms
Prescription-bought condoms will be free in France from December 10th as part of a rare step which has been taken to combat the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
The measure will cover French-made Eden condoms obtained on prescription from a doctor or midwife.
Produced by Majorelle laboratories and sold only in pharmacies, Eden condoms cost a fraction of leading brands such as Durex or Manix at 2.60 euros ($2.95) for a box of 12.
They are the first to be approved for reimbursement by France's national health authority, one of the few in Europe to do so.
France to reimburse condoms in fight against AIDS and STIs
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Public holiday
There is one public holiday in France in December on Christmas Day (25th). Remember that unlike many other countries, Boxing Day is not a public holiday in France. 

Last chance to change you tax declaration
Tax payers in France have until December 18th to make an amendment on their tax declarations if they fear they have made a mistake. After that date you will pay the penalty.

The service is accessible on where you can log in with your tax number and password and click on “Correct / My Online Return 2018”.
How paying your income tax in France is going to change dramatically
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Gas prices 

From December 1st, gas tariffs will decrease by 2.4 percent. 

And no doubt this will come as a relief to the 4.6 million households set to be impacted by the change as this is the first drop in prices since May. 

The drop is a result of the fact that a decrease in the import price of gas has occurred for the first time in six months.  
The decrease will see prices drop by 0.8 percent for those who use gas for cooking, by 1.5 percent for those who use it for cooking and hot water and by 2.4 percent for those who use it for cooking, hot water and to heat their homes.

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