Drivers in France face hike in price of motorway tolls

Drivers in France face hike in price of motorway tolls
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The cost of driving on France's motorway network will soon rise with the companies who run the autoroute network to hike the price of tolls to pay for urgent upkeep of the roads.

It's bad news for drivers who use France's motorways or autoroutes as they are called in French.

In February 2019 the cost of motorway tolls, known as péages will rise steeper than usual.

The price of tolls normally rise with inflation but between 2019 and 2021 the companies that run France's motorways such as Vinci have the right to increase the price rise in order to find €700 of investment needed to pay for repairs and upkeep of the autoroutes.

According to the reports Autoroute operators will be able to add a tariff increase of between 0.1 and 0.39 percent to the usual hike in 2019.

The French government has earmarked works on 23 autoroutes compared to 32 initially as well as environmental infrastructure such as animal crossings, plants to treat runoff water, as well as the development of car-sharing parking places.

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  1. I would be so grateful for a link to whatever government or autoroute website(s) issues discounted/subscriber toll passes for French highways. I’ve tried searching on my own but my French is limited so I usually end up giving up in frustration. Many thanks for all you do!

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