Image of Donald Trump improves among French people

Image of Donald Trump improves among French people
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Fewer French people have a negative image of American President Donald Trump, a new poll has revealed and there's one main reason why. However the French are from desperate to have their own version of Trump in the Elysée Palace.

The poll that was carried out after the midterm elections this week revealed that 65 percent of French people have a negative opinion of Donald Trump.

While that means there's still a clear majority who are not fans of the divisive US president, that figure is actually a drop of 16 percentage points in one year, suggesting that the French are less hostile towards POTUS.

“At this rate the American president will no longer be unpopular among a majority of French people by the time he finishes his term in office,” said the poll carried out by Odoxa and Dentsu consulting for Le Figaro Newspaper and France Info radio.

Is there any reason why Trump is less unpopular than a year ago?

“It's simply because the French might not like who he is, but they judge some of the things he does less negatively,” read the poll.

“Why has his image improved? Because his protectionist measures are seen as being positive for jobs in the United States by 57 percent of French people. However most of those polled accepted those same measures were bad for Europe.

However only 10 percent of French people had a clear positive view of Trump, while 25 percent were undecided. 

So it doesn't mean the French are ready to elect their own Trump.

“No, 100 percent no!” says the poll. “Eight out of 10 French people are hostile to this idea.”

According to the poll the French are divided in how they see Trump, with working classes far less critical of the US president than high-ranking white collar workers.

Trump has a negative image among 84 percent of France's highest earners compared to 57 percent of blue collar workers.

Asked to qualify Trump's characteristics some 84 percent of respondents judged him as “racist” while 83 percent agreed he was “dangerous”. 

Only 20 percent thought he was “competent” and only “30 percent” thought he was “effective”.

Asked to pick out a French political figure that most reminded them of Donald Trump, a majority of French people opted for far right leader Marine Le Pen.

In second place came Emmanuel Macron.

Trump is due in France this week to participate in the ceremony to mark the 100 year anniversary since the end of World War One.


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