Glance around France: US banking giant to invest $30 million in deprived Paris suburbs

Saint Denis is one of the impoverished areas outside Paris set to benefit from a $30 million fund from JP Morgan. Photo: Myrabella/Wikicommons
Our round-up of stories from around France this Wednesday includes a US banking giant investing $30 million in deprived Paris suburbs, award nominations in Dijon and volunteers being attacked in Cannes.
JP Morgan to invest $30 million in impoverished areas around Paris
JP Morgan, the biggest US bank by assets, has said that it has selected impoverished areas around Paris as the first foreign focus of an urban economic development strategy it started four years ago in Detroit, according to a report in Reuters
The report said that the bank will contribute $30 million over five years to programs to teach job skills and expand small businesses in Saint Denis and other places with high unemployment and poverty, JPMorgan said in a statement provided to Reuters.
Located north of Paris, Saint Denis has the highest poverty and crime rates in France. Dotted with large social housing projects, the area is separated from wealthy Paris only by an extremely congested highway circling the city. The area was in the center of the riots that devastated suburbs all over France a decade ago.
Dijon nominated for World Smart City Award
The city of Dijon’s ‘On Dijon’ project has made it on to the shortlist for the World Smart City Award.
One of seven global finalists, ‘On Dijon’ will connect services such as road signs, street lighting and transport into one online network.
The project also features an app which the city’s inhabitants can use to instantly report issues that might affect the network such as road accidents, signal failures, rubbish pile-ups and broken street lamps.
The winner of the World Smart City Award will be announces at the Smart City Expo World Congress on November 14th in Barcelona.
Homeless people attack volunteers in Cannes
Volunteers from the humanitarian emergency services SamuSocial were insulted and had their vehicles tagged as they were delivering food and drink to the homeless in Cannes.
Their attackers were the homeless themselves, who were dissatisfied with being given dehydrated coffee and cold sandwiches and pastries instead of hot food.
Volunteers claim that the homeless could have gone to a night shelter for hot food and have reported the incident to the police.
Violent Paris Saint-Germain supporters jailed in Troyes
A total of 13 PSG supporters known as the ‘K-Soce Team’ have been found guilty of violent affray following clashes with Ligue 1 rivals Reims, which occurred in a bar in April 2016.
Sentences for the guilty football fans vary from 6 month suspended terms to 10 months in jail, but all have been fined 500 euros and been banned from entering the Aube department in north eastern France for two years. 
Paris looks into cleaning up dirty Metro air 
No doubt there will be some relieved commuters out there. 
The French capital is on the hunt for ways of purifying the air in its underground Metro and RER stations. 
Several experiments have been launched to find a suitable solution to the air problem which will be carried out by five companies. 
Each of these companies will test a different technique and AirParif, the air quality monitoring association in the greater Paris region of Ile-de-France, will evaluate them at the end of 2019, with the hope of finding a solution for the entire network.
And they certainly need to. 
According to a report that came out in 2017 the air quality on the Paris Metro is ten times worse than in the streets above.


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