A Glance around France: West Nile fever on the Riviera and a Bordeaux bus revolution

A Glance around France: West Nile fever on the Riviera and a Bordeaux bus revolution
Photo: AFP
Here's a look at some of the main stories from around France on Tuesday.
A driver was arrested between Rennes and Redon in Brittany after taking a rather unusual approach to the highway code. 
The drunk 32-year-old was picked up the local gendarmes for speeding… as well as driving with the bonnet of his car fully raised. 

Southern France 
People in southern France would be wise to steer clear from mosquitoes if a recent health warning is anything to go by. 
According to health authorities in the southern French Alpes-Maritimes department, West Nile fever, which is a viral infection typically spread by mosquitoes, has been spreading around the Mediterranean.
So far, 20 cases of the virus have been recorded in two months and the regional health authority (ARS) has advised everyone to protect themselves against mosquito bites especially the vulnerable.

Eastern France 
There was some good news for women's rights advocates in the east of France on Tuesday.
From October 1st there will be 15 new housing units in the eastern French city of Besançon for violent spouses, allowing victims of domestic violence to stay in their homes instead removing the aggressive partner. 
“The goal is to reverse what was seen in the past when a woman was forced to leave her home in an emergency,” said Besançon's public prosecutor Etienne Manteaux. 
Transport authorities in Bordeaux have announced the introduction of a major new measure to tackle the scourge of sexual harassment and abuse on the city's public transport system.
Bordeaux is set to adopt 'on demand bus stops' across its network by the end of the year, becoming just the second city in France to do so. 
The move, which will see passengers able to hop off the bus even when the vehicle isn't at a designated stop after 10 pm, has been trialed in the city since last winter and will be rolled out to other lines from November.  

Scallops are making headlines once again, but this time their newsworthiness isn't to do with the war being fought over them
According to a new report, there have never been so many scallops in the English Channel, with a record number caught in the Baie de Seine off the Normandy coast this year. 
“In 2018, the situation in the baie de Seine is excellent, ” scientists said. “And the total usable amount of shells is at an all-time high, reaching almost 63,600 tonnes, far ahead of the 2017 level (nearly 48,600 tonnes) and more than twice the previous record of 2012.” 


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