Nightmare in Disneyland Paris as hotel pool poisons guests

Nightmare in Disneyland Paris as hotel pool poisons guests
Photo: AFP
Twenty-two people were intoxicated by a bad batch of bleach and sulphuric acid added to the swimming pool tank of one of Disneyland Paris’s hotels.

Guests at Disneyland Paris’s New York Hotel were quickly warned to stay away from the hotel pool on Friday after a number of holidaymakers and staff started to feel unwell and experience respiratory problems.

Firefighters and emergency services were quickly called to the scene to care for the intoxicated people, four of whom had to be taken to hospital due to the severity of their symptoms.

The pool area was cordoned off and hotel rooms facing the pool were evacuated.

One of the pools at Hotel New York. Photo: Tripadvisor 

The poor handling of a chemical mix added to the pool’s tank is believed to have been the source of the problem, France’s Le Parisien reported.

Bleach and sulphuric acid were incorrectly mixed, causing a release of chlorine gas, which when breathed in can cause the upper airway to swell, a violent cough, nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, headaches, chest pain and burning.

Hotel New York’s management has rehoused many of its guests in other rooms and closed off the pool until further notice. 

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  1. If you pay peanuts, as Disneyland do, you are going to get unproperly trained trained monkeys doing the job.

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