French woman almost chokes on 2.5cm screw inside pain au chocolat

French woman almost chokes on 2.5cm screw inside pain au chocolat
Photo: Sarah Rose/Flickr
Think twice next time you sink your teeth too fast into a croissant.

A woman in Tétéghem – a town near Dunkirk in the far north of France – is lucky to be alive after she almost choked on a chocolate-filled pastry she’d bought at a local Carrefour supermarket. 

As soon as the mother bit into her pain au chocolat, she realised something was wrong.

“I was eating and all of a sudden I felt something hard in my mouth and I couldn’t manage to spit it out,” she told regional daily La Voix du Nord.

Eventually she was able to get the object lodged in her mouth out, only to realise that her pain au chocolat contained a 2.5 centimetre screw concealed inside it.



Once the woman and her incredulous husband and children had recovered from the shock, they rushed to the supermarket’s bakery section to demand an explanation.

“It's not us, we just bake them, we get them frozen,” said one employee, blaming the supplier in Belgium.

Since the manager wasn’t present and the woman wasn’t given proper justification for an incidence of gross negligence that could’ve cost her her life, the woman from Tétéghem has decided to press charges.

“We’re not doing this for us, we’re doing it for others,” she said.


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